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Atex Brand- und Explosionsschutz Atex Brand- und Explosionsschutz


… the spark jumps over

Welcome to the ATEX Explosionsschutz GmbH website, the experts in every aspect of explosion protection! You can learn about explosion protection here, before we prepare an individual scheme tailored to exactly your needs.


We offer you a comprehensive and unique range:

- Services for fire and explosion protection

- Research and test laboratory for safety engineering

- Test grounds for fire and explosion protection

- Individual and economical explosion protection schemes

- Components and safety systems for fire and explosion protection


This is all based, of course, on the latest quality principles, always kept fully up-to-date and in line with international standards (Atex; NFPA).

You want to effectively prevent explosions, minimize the consequences for your staff, maximize the process security and profitability of your plant?

Trust the long years of experience of the ATEX specialists. Time goes by after the start of an explosion and before its full damaging power has developed – time that we use to take action.

Talk to us, and we will prepare your own, individual explosion protection scheme!


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