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Atex Brand- und Explosionsschutz Atex Brand- und Explosionsschutz

About the company

ATEX Brand- und Explosionsschutz GmbH represents competence, international expertise and many years of experience when it comes to the safety of your company.

We develop individually customized safety solutions that can be fully integrated into your systems, such as:

- Analysis and risk assessment for fire/explosion hazards

- Preventive/protection measures

- Partitioning the production areas into explosion zones

- Training / information events

- Development and correction of organizational measures for preventive explosion protection

- Consultation on the implementation of new plant and when modifying existing plants in accordance with European standards RL94/9/EC and 1999/92/EC (ATEX 95 / 137), Special systems for fire and CO detection/extinguishing

- Systems for detecting sparks/pressure/CO

- Explosion protection systems

- Plant installation / acceptance / technical support.


Areas we are involved in include:

- Pulverization plant

- Equipment for storing dust and powder materials

- Drying equipment, Plastic production equipment

- Paint and aluminium dusts

- Fine chemicals equipment

- Pharmaceutical processes

- Automobile industry

- Foodstuffs industry

And because the importance of safety extends across borders, ATEX has been working as a founder member of the European Safety Management Group (ESMG) across Europe for the new and further development of safety-relevant products.